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Adhering Intricate Dies Video…

Embedded Diecuts


I did take this in high definition so after you click play,  you can click the gear for a better picture and click the frame to see it large!

Here’s my technique for making your die cuts into stickers for perfect placement.  I’m really pleased with how it works… so many of the fine line dies from Memory Box are easy to pull out of shape.  After trying several things, this is what I came up with! I hope you’ll try it too!

One thing I didn’t show in the video is changing the color of the petals.  It’s really easy though… just cut the die in the color card-stock you want the petals and adhere them over the top after the process I show in the video.

On my candle card, I added the black pieces over the white after using the technique I show in the video.

  1. glue the musicality background die cut to the card base (little dots of  Tombow Mono Multi behind the notes)
  2. die cut the tall taper die just like I did the plush poinsettia in the video
  3. while still in the die, (after removing the waste) lay it right over the top of the musicality background piece, run it through the Big Shot just like I did in the video
  4. remove the die
  5. die cut the contrasting tall taper parts that you want a different color and glue on (or make them a sticker too)


The holly is from the Cabrini Ornament die. Die cut and then trim the holly away from the ornament with scissors.

Thanks for stopping by today!  ttul!

Dies and supplies I used…

36 thoughts on “Adhering Intricate Dies Video…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I love these dies but have trouble adhering them to my projects, you have solved this problem. Great technique

  2. Oooooh that was SO NEAT!! I am off to add some score tape and one of those sticky pens to my cart! I also never knew to cut with the blades up. I’ve always done blades down! Who knew? Thanks so much for sharing this Pam!

  3. What an OUTSTANDING idea! I’m going to adopt this immediately and stop struggling with those beautiful but wispy diecuts. Thanks so much for this, Pam!

  4. thanks so much for the video! the poinsettia corner die is so pretty and i love the dimension of the poinsettia blooms; now i have to add that to my wish list!

  5. Thank you again!!! I was just struggling to adhere a die cut last night!! Scor-tape going on my list right now!!!

  6. Wow, this is about one year behind for my grief of trying to adhere these intricate dies!!! This was super and I want to thank you so much for sharing this concept!! I know you have made A LOT of ladies very happy, including me!! I have tried so many things, all to no avail, well, to avail, but a very messy avail…LOL!!! Way to use that brain, Pam! LOL! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. Your work is absolutely beautiful and amazing! You are, however, going to be lowering my pocketbook!!! Thanks again!

  7. Wow, Pam, this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your brain with us, and a genius technique to make using these intricate and delicate dies so easy…in two steps no less! May I ask about the small bottle of glue you have on your desk (unless it is filled with masking fluid?), that is unmarked with what looks like a 20 gauge fine tip on the cap, my question is would you mind letting us know what kind or brand of glue you use in yours that works well with that long fine tip? I have that same bottle I believe but haven’t found a glue to fill it with that flows easily. I sure appreciate any suggestions if that is what you use yours for, thank you! Always enjoy seeing what you create, thanks so much for bringing us so many inspiring ideas!

  8. Brilliant idea! Thanks so much for sharing this. I just came across your blog and now I’m sure I’ll be busy checking out all your other posts.

  9. That was a super interesting video. Thank you for showing a great technique. I’m going to give it a try. I have always had trouble cutting and adhering intricate dies so I hope that I will be successful using your brilliant ideas.

  10. Thank you for your ideas. I’m guessing that our double sided adhesive sheets would be the same as ‘score tape’, which I haven’t heard of and wonder if it’s available here in the UK? Brilliant technique and lovely cards. Jan

  11. This is just brilliant! It makes those intricate, lacy dies SO much easier to adhere to your cards! Leave it to you to come up with something this easy! This should be a “must view” video for anyone who uses dies!

  12. I always did blades down too….wow… i have used sticky back, but scor looks better!!! WOW PAM you are phenomenal, and I ADORE your cards!!!

  13. Thank you for the great tutorial! I have this die and have not done anything with it yet, but placing these cut pieces down for the really intricate dies is challenging. So thanks for this great tip!

  14. Many thanks for this great tutorial!! I can’t wait for my order of wide Scor tape to arrive – have really been struggling with the Toulouse Background, Tombow and sticky fingers!

  15. What a wonderful idea Pam & am so glad you’ve shared this with us. I would have never thought to try that. Guess I’ll have to add the wider sizes of Scor-tape to my “Pam made me do it” list !!! 🤑 Your cards are amazing as always … hugs, Janie

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