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Explosion Box Tutorial…

Pictures in previous post…HERE!

  • for the box bottom, cut a 12×12 piece of card-stock
  • cut on solid lines
  • score and fold on dotted lines

  • decorate the panels with nestabilities square and scallop square die cuts and other stamped or die cut images
  • for the box lid, cut an 8 1/8th in. square piece of card-stock
  • score at 1 in. and at 2 in. on all four sides with the Martha Stewart score board (link below), that leaves you with a 4 1/8th square in the center of your big square.

  • cut out the three scored 1 in. squares on each corner of this box lid piece
  • fold on remaining score lines to make the box lid sides
  • notice you have to cut up one of the 1 in. score lines on each side, to make the tab that will go under the side folds.  (this will make sense when you’re doing it)
  • fold in the side scores to the inside of the box lid… makes a really nice finished edge to the lid
  • glue or tape if you want to,  you don’t have to but I did

Exploding parts…

  • to get the balloons to stand up, I just took the packaging acetate from the Nestabilities Parisian die set and cut strips about 3/16th in. wide and 3 3/4 in. long.
  • I cut two squiggles and two balloons (for each strip) from CC Cutters dies (link below) and sandwiched each strip between the dies, gluing them in place with Tombow Mono Multi glue (link below). I made nine pop-up balloons,  so cut 9 acetate strips and 18 balloons and 18 squiggles!
  • I scored each strip on one end at 1/4th in. and then tucked them in, one in each of three holes that are in the center of the decorative circle die from the Parisian die set (link below), using the micro mini glue dots (link below) to hold them in place. Then I glued the die cut circle down.
  • to make Birthday Gretel (link below) stand up,  I cut a piece of the same packaging, 1/2in. wide and 5 1/2in. long.  Scored this piece on the Martha Stewart score board (link below) at 1/2in., 2 1/2in, 3 in., and at 5 in., fold it up into a standing rectangle, taping it together and to the back of Gretel and to the box.

Stamps and supplies I used are linked below…thanks for stopping by and so glad you liked my Birthday Exploding box!

17 thoughts on “Explosion Box Tutorial…

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  2. Pam, thank you for the instructions that even I can follow. I’m going to print them out and will save them for a special occasion like our “50th” anniversary June 9th. It would be so cool to have different photos of our years exploding out. Fun!
    Mary Ann

  3. Pam, thank you so very much for these instructions. Have to try this soon for someone special. So beautiful.

    thanks again

  4. Pam, my sweet friend. Thank you from me also for the great instructions. I love the box so much and will be making it soon.
    I have all the paper and dies just need to order Gretel. Thank you again and Big Hugs

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  6. Fabulous tutorial Pam! Now I have another project to add to my list and I know where to go to find the instructions! Still need to do that side easel card!! 😉 hugs, Angela

  7. Pam, What a sweet sweet thing for you to do…share your wonderful wonderful explosion box pattern!!! You are such a SWEETHEART!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!. Loves & Hugs

  8. Pam, What a sweet, sweet Lady you are!!! I’m really glad that others requested directions!!! I just LOVE the box !!!!!!
    It’s SO elegant!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! Loves & Hugs Denise

  9. Glad to know I’m not the only one that needs instuctions … Thanks for being such a sweetheart & sharing your time to make this so understandable for the rest of us. The box was amazing & super GREAT TUTE !!!
    Hugs, Janie

  10. Pam,

    Thank you so much for the directions for your explosion box. The instructions look great and looks like even I might be able to make one..LOL

    Thanks so much..You are the Best!!


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