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Birthday Explosion Box…

Two days work and you end up with an Exploding Box! Cool! Only the coolest for a Birthday celebration!  Look inside…Birthday Gretel!

Here’s a few close up photos…

A few more of the box closed…

Stamps and Such…

114 thoughts on “Birthday Explosion Box…

  1. Oh my gosh…this is the cutest creation. It must have taken you forever. It is absolutely beautiful. You do such awesome work.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week. You are probably almost ready to wake up and I’m just going nite nite.

  2. OMG… this is amazing! What a lot of details and beautiful items on this fantastic box! And how on earth did you get those balloons like that! Please teach me if you would??? Girl you are so so so creative in this! Makes me proud that I’m on the ATS team too… have a great blog hop day.
    Big warm hug

  3. So CUTE!!! Awesome explosion box, Pam! I never made one – looks difficult…? Awesome coloring – did you use DIs? Fabulous job! Love the color and and those sweet balloon diecuts. Too adorable! hugs, Angela

  4. THUD! This looks very complicated and amazing. Love how you have the balloon details and the fact that it closes and the balloons stay in tact. Fabulous!

  5. Oh my gosh lady you are amazing & the things you come up with blow me away !!! This is super but looks like a lot of work … HOW do you make the little image stand up & how come I’m not brave enough to give this a try …
    Thanks for making my day even brighter …
    Hugs, Janie

  6. Gorgeous, Pam! What did you use to make the balloons stand up? Hope you bring this to stamp club so we can see it up close and personal!

  7. This is just amazing. Wow!! I haven’t seen anything like this before. The construction of it is amazing. All of the little details on the top and inside just give it a total wow factor!!

    Thanks for sharing. xo

  8. WOWZERS! This is spectacular Pam, it’s so pretty just as a gift box and then you open it….WOW!! Love your attention to details and your workmanship is beyond reproach! You’re totally awesome! 🙂

  9. You out did yourself Pam!! This is amazing as always. I keep meaning to tell you that you are my husband’s favorite crafter, he thinks all of your creations are amazing and he is right. Hugs, Shelby

  10. Wow Pam….You always amaze me because your talent level is incredible! This surprise box is absolutely genius and gorgeous!! I can only hope to be as creative as you when I decide to grow up!! 🙂


  11. WOW!!!! Just love you exploding box. To bad you did not put a tutorial on you blog on how to make it. Everthing is beautiful. How do you get the little girl and the balloons to stay standing up????

  12. I can’t stop looking at your beautiful explosion box. You certainly outdid yourself this time. The colors, scroll and hanging balloons, etc. make this the prettiest box I’ve ever seen.

  13. Oh my gawsh Pam!! That is just the cutest little project I’ve seen!! What yummy colors and a sweet fun surprise inside!! LOL!! TFS! HUGS

  14. This is beyond fantastic. I love the colors and the outside is beautiful….but oh, my! the inside is wonderful! I had to ‘biggie size it just to study the detail. I am in awe once again!

  15. Fantastic! Incredible! WOW! Fabulous work with the die cuts and the box. I can’t believe how much time you must have spent on this project, but it certainly was worth it!

  16. OMG This is just a WOW in capital letters! The box is amazing & the coloring is superb. It must have taken you hours & hours, but it was well worth the time. It’s just gorgeous!

  17. I love making explosion boxes, but have never seen one like this! The balloons and figures inside are adorable. And the colors you chose for the outside add to the mystery of it. Thanks! Happy Birthday!

  18. Your card is simply adorable – I’m loving this hop – but love the stamps – so why wouldn’t I love the hop!?!?!? What a simply incredible box!!! would love to know how you did it??!??!?!

  19. WA-A-AY TOO COOL!!!!! I love it!!! Fabulous color—Fabulous embellishments—Fabulous job!!! Totally unique!!!
    Loves & Hugs

  20. WOW – IS ALL I CAN SAY. Would love to be the receipient of this outrageous and beautiful box with all the trimmings. Very talented you must be.

  21. It would be so much fun to get this for your birthday! I am certainly going to give this a try! Beautifully done. Thanks for giving all of the details.
    ~Pam L.

  22. Oh my gosh, you are so right about this making me want all the supplies you used. This is a fantastic project and I will have to reproduce it for my darling grand daughter. I love this. What a beautfy!!!!

  23. Pam, please let me know how you made the balloons stand up. This is by far one of the most creative projects I’ve seen in a long time. Hugs, C2

  24. What an amazing project! It is beautiful and whimsical. I love the colors. The use of the dies was fabulous, too.

  25. OMG!! I loooooooove this box. It is too cute for words. And thanks for posting the steps to make it.

  26. Hey Pam – this box is out of this world fantastic — I think when God gave out talent, he plopped two extra portions on your plate but it is good to see that you are using every morsel. Thanks for the tutorial Pam — will save it and try to give it a go when I am finished with my beginner’s class. I have to tell you that your comments on my blog made me laugh and I do appreciate them. I do so enjoy your blog Pam – keep em coming oh talented one on high!!!

  27. What else can you say: this absolutely stunning!!!!! Thanks for the tutorial as well. I am not sure I have the patience, but it will be fun to try!

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