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Memory Box Plush Mitten dies…


Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Felt 2



A month ago or so, Cindy from SLS sent me this mitten cut from felt to stitch up!  I finally got around to it a couple weeks ago.  I have the Plush Frosty Mitten die now and more felt, so I wanted to make a ‘pair’!  Well, I have three pieces of three different reds and none of them are big enough to cut four mittens! So she began to cry! haha

But not for long… you’ll see my pair, a couple photos down but I cut and stitched it in cardstock just to show that it can be done!  : )  I’m on the scout for bigger pieces of felt now!

A close up of the snowflake… and yes it’s handmade… I just now saw, looking at this photo, the signature mistake that you’re supposed to see in anything handmade! Crying again. lol



Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Close 1



and another….see those cute white pom poms?!  The holly die I used on this one is from poppystamps.



Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Felt



I took too many pictures of the felt one. lol  It’s so sweet and I love the blanket stitch!



Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Close 2



ok – Here’s the pair that I cut and stitched in cardstock… it worked great, didn’t tear or anything.  I used Maraschino Bakers Twine from the Twinery to sew the blanket stitch on all the mittens and Peapod Bakers Twine from the Twinery to sew the holly leaves on the ‘pair’.  I used a needle from a pack that just said book binding needles.  Sorry I don’t have a size to tell you.



lights off…

Pam Sparks Plush Mitten 3



lights on…

Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Pair 4



I had to google for a refresher course on adding on thread and going around corners… I really liked this site HERE.



Pam Sparks Plush Mitten Close 3



The holly leaves on the mitten pair are from the Plush Holly Leaves and Berries die.

I made sure I started in the same place on each mitten so that I would have long tails to knot together so I can hang them as ornaments or easy use them to embellish a gift package.

Oh, to make a pair, you do have to use the back side of the mitten cut but because you are stitching around the edge, you can’t tell!

I used to hand sew all the time so this was fun!  I’m going to do up some more of the new Memory Box Plush dies!

Thanks for stopping by!  What are you making for Christmas?

Shopping links for what I used on the mittens…



19 thoughts on “Memory Box Plush Mitten dies…

  1. These are too cute! My hands are so cold this a.m. that my fingers aren’t working so well on the keyboard. Perhaps I need to dig out MY mittens! Cute as can be, my friend – thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Adorable! I’ve been sewing all of my life, starting with doll clothes, my clothes, our kids clothes and finally I was into quilting big time. Loved it all! Don’t have time or desire anymore. All I want to do now is ride my horses and make cards. But these mittens are just too cute. May have to reconsider.

  3. I love both the felt and paper and will check out that link, thanks. I have the pti mittens and love these too!
    Jeanne posted your look book on the Tag post over at Poppystamps , I was amazed to read that so many people did not know to click on the book. Those that did know said how much they loved your “Look Book” and that it helped them know what dies they wanted . Hope you have a Blessed week Pam!

  4. I love love love the blanket stitch Pam!!

    I’ve done up one of the little Sheldon Snowman dies from Memory Box, and I’m calling the larger Snowman from MB Leonard…hehe…This mitten is absolutely beautiful – I’m tempted to do a little tree of just the plush ornaments this year. I adore the look of these Pam!! I am definitely going to try the blanket stitch on the next one – thank you so much Pam – you are so inspiring!!!

  5. How adorable are these mittens. Love the bright colors on both felt and paper. I love to hand sew and hand embroider. I use to hand embroider vines and flowers on my husband and my bell bottom jeans back in the 70’s. LOL! This Christmas I’m going to make a Christmas journal and these cute mittens would be great to put in one of the pages. Beautiful job Pam!

  6. Oooooh those are SO cute!! You make me want to get some felt and make some of these! The paper ones turned out really cute too! I’m still trying to find that mistake you’re talking about 🙂

  7. Your mittens are adorable in both felt and paper. I just ordered the snowman and am going to give it a try. I figure I could sew them while watching TV. I saw no mistakes on your mittens.

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