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Memory Box and poppystamps 50% Christmas/Holiday SALE…


Popping in quick to tell you about a great SALE at BlueMoon Scrapbooking!

  HERE… Memory Box and poppystamps Christmas/Holiday dies are 50% off


Christmas/Holiday stamps are 50% off too…mixed in HERE


I have tons of cards made up with these dies on my blog…not even sure where to start to post some!  I can’t believe it’s close to time to be thinking about making Christmas cards again!  Even though I love them…oh wait, I just finished 8 a week and a half ago! lol  My mind, it moves on way too fast! ugh

If BM doesn’t have the dies or stamps you want… you can always purchase from Cindy at Starlitstudio too!  Her everyday prices are so FABULOUS!

(clicking on the photos below should take you to the blog post about the card. TFL!)


















































oh wow!  So many cool dies to create with!  I love Memory Box and poppystamps!  😀  You can tell, can’t you! lol

There is a search box in the side bar… you can type a die or stamp name and most of the time it works great!  There’s also the category option… just pull down until you come to what you’re looking for, or contact me if you have a question!

Thanks for stopping by and scrolling through this long review!  eek!  Hard to know where to start and where to stop! lol  I appreciate your support so much…your comments mean the world to me and shopping through my links too!  Thank you so much!  I just gave you an excuse to stay in the air conditioning a little longer! ; )


15 thoughts on “Memory Box and poppystamps 50% Christmas/Holiday SALE…

  1. well, i just spent about an hour and $100! you are such a good enabler, pam! lol! i will be totally set for christmas now!

  2. Sandy H. just sent me this notice. Pam, thanks for being an awesome enabler! Love it! I think I need to start working on Christmas tomorrow. I already have so many Memory Box holiday dies that I have a hard time deciding which ones to use. Your cards are usually my inspiration. Thanks again for letting us know about this great sale!!!!!

  3. I agree with annette… It’s been fun to see them at club to thoroughly enjoy.,,one or two here I forgot
    Or did not see. Thanks for reminder and enjoying them again.

  4. Oh my heavenly goodness, your cards are beautiful!! If I didn’t have most of these I would run out right now and get them all just because of your cards!! Hope you had a nice weekend! 🙂

  5. I am with Jan and Annette. Of course my favorite is the purple, green and blue ornaments. These are my favorite colors to work with. Great to see all the cards again !!!

  6. Perfect timing!-it’s like 91 here!!!! They are all so beautiful. Wish I had some time to work on some cards-but Family Reunion is calling!!!

  7. Can’t believe it is really time to at least think about Christmas cards – I usually wait until at least December LOL. Love them all – they are all an inspiration – so off to make a wish list.

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