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Printworks Collection Christmas Hello…

Hi everyone!  Now doesn’t this take you back?!  I’ve only ridden in an antique car once.  It was SO fun! When I saw this stamp I knew how I wanted to make it up! With a wreath on the back of it!

A simple greeting on the inside…

Some fun extra details to the car… glossy accents on the window and tail lights, a little glitter glue on the wreath.  Now I’m thinking it needs a streetlight. lol  and carolers! lol

All the stamps I used are HERE, in the Printworks Collection webstore.  If you order, be sure to use the code PAM5 for 5% off your order!

Thanks for stopping by! The sun is shining here, the leaves are pretty much all on the ground, a chill in the air (ok, it’s cold), a good afternoon for making more cards!  TTUL!

p.s. I am using a Scan and Cut 350 to cut images that don’t have dies.  Stamp, scan and cut.  I love it.  Only thing is, you have to make sure your image outline lines are all connected.  If there are any gaps, it won’t cut right.  I just fill in any space like that lightly, with a pencil. Thanks Shirley!!! hahahahahaha


15 thoughts on “Printworks Collection Christmas Hello…

  1. Great card, love how you made it, and I love the Christmas saying. I don’t understand about the scan and cut. Is it something that will cut things out and you don’t have to have /buy dies?

  2. What is it I love about wreaths and cars? I’m thinking it’s related to greenery and horse-drawn sleighs… 🙂 I put a wreath on the front of my car every year, and last year I saw one on a truck that was lit with lights!!! I’m loving how you did the rear window and rear lights on the car!!!

  3. Adorable card which welcomes lots of memories. Again your attention to detail is unbelievable. Gotta check out that Scan and Cut. Not another machine to buy??? Oh, no! ha ha

  4. Very cute Pam…..what is a Scan and Cut? Getting cold here also…I have a lot of sweaters…pulling them out. Vickie

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  5. Very cute card…..great for a wedding card…given the back of car…if you can find some cans to tie in the back…and a wedding wreath would work also…

  6. Fun card! Way back when I was a kid and lived on a farm, our hired man had a Model T or Model A. I never rode in it though.

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