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Memory Box Plush Holly Stocking die…


Pam Sparks Plush Stocking Red Turquoise


The BIG day approaches! lol  I have some new sweaters anyway! lol I just couldn’t resist photographing this felt stocking ornament with my pile!

Do you purchase your own Christmas presents?  Come on…tell me true! lol  I am really bad about either purchasing myself or doing a lot of coaching! lol

Red is my favorite color, so it’s no wonder I love Christmas so much!

This stocking die though… oh my… I LOVE it!

Look at the close up below….brilliant idea came to me!  French Knots on the berries!  Be still my heart… so cute! hehe


Pam Sparks Plush Stocking Red Turquoise Close


I wish the photo showed them better… grrrr… so much for a macro lens…guess I don’t know how to use it!  Photography is Rocket Science to me! I am not going to let it take me to bah humbug land though!  Imagine darling French Knots and insert eating dark mint chocolate!

ok – I used the Memory Box Plush Holly Stocking die…awesome… cuts the holes you sew in…’sew’ fabulous!!!  I didn’t use the holly that came in the set but you sure could!  I used the Memory Box Plush Holly Leaves and Berries die

The white twine in this Doodlebug Twine set… I love this twine… gonna have to ask Cindy if I can just get a spool of white!  She carries their chunky twine in white but it might be too heavy… I want some of it anyway. lol

The felt comes from Taylored ExpressionsIt is gorgeous felt…beautiful colors!  I used Red Hot, Grass Green and Robin’s Egg.

I like to back stitch when sewing this look.  I use a long enough tapestry needle so I can get in two holes at a time.  It’s so easy.  I love it… and if you forget to add the patches like I did and have to take some out, it comes out really easy too!  : )


Thanks for stopping by today and holler if you have any questions!

I appreciate so much, those of you that shop through my links!  I don’t now who you are but it helps me keep working/blogging!  THANK YOU!

I LOVE comments too!  Thank you blog friends for always encouraging!  So thankful for you!!!

Cards with Printworks Collection new release coming next, then Thursday is Taylored Expressions release day!  yay!



20 thoughts on “Memory Box Plush Holly Stocking die…

  1. This darling Holly Stocking showcases your new sweaters beautifully! Or…are the sweaters supposed to showcase the stocking? He he….ANYWAY…this is so cute, Pam! Love it, and I can see you making about 30 of them for your family Christmas party 🙂 As for buying my own gifts, yes, I usually buy what I need or want, however, we no longer buy for each other for holidays, birthdays, etc., so not necessarily Christmas gifties!!! Hugs…

  2. Darling!! The colors are such a match! Love the stitches. Are all those kiddos getting one?
    See ya friday and hope you bring the stocking…

  3. Love the way you featured your adorable felt stocking. The color combination are beautiful and cheery. This cute stocking would be great as a favor on each plate setting stuffed with a small gift.
    I do buy myself a birthday and Christmas gift, since my birthday is 3 days before Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful felt stocking…love the white stitching, really makes the colors pop!

  4. Love the stocking and what perfect french knots, I think I would have to practice for a while to make them as it has been ages!!! What a great photo op with new sweaters!!! Got to get a bit cooler for me to wear my sweaters. Still warm in Southeast MO.

  5. How wonderful! I have to try cutting felt with my die cuts! Love the perfect stitiching around the outside, and your French Knots are a nice touch!

  6. Laugh all you want to but I decided I needed the snowman die and the stocking die. Sure wish you had your own store again – I would order everything from you and maybe I would get a discount.

  7. Oh Pam that is adorable! I’m going to have to give this a try! I just need to find the time! LOL! I must admit I do but most of my own Christmas presents. At least I get what I want and don’t have to stand in any return lines! The things I don’t buy myself, I give my husband the ad with the item I want circled and send him shopping with the ad. LOL! He just gives the ad to the clerk and they find it for him! I also give him my credit card and coupons so he doesn’t mind shopping! (He hares shopping! LOL!)

  8. LOVING LOVING LOVING your Stocking and the BEAUTIFUL Colors!! SWOON!! I buy my own Presents, but as my boys get alittle older (9 and 2) they WANT to get me Gifts so its getting FUN because I do get a couple SURPRISES which for me is SO FUN!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  9. Of course I buy my own gifts. There’s always something under the tree, For: Me From: Me. I always choose the perfect gift! LOL
    I just got all the ‘plush’ dies. I’m hoping to play with them tomorrow. I’m doing mugs of snowman soup. I’m going to hang the little plush snowman from a candy cane.

  10. That is just darling and I love your french knots on the berries that is a very cute touch! I buy my own gifts from the hubby now, we use to surprise each other when we were younger but realized quite early that it is better to get what we really want instead of guessing 🙂 Your pretty sweaters look lovely as a backdrop for your sweet stocking!!

  11. Loving the colors and pretty photo of your beautiful stocking ,Pam!!! This is just darling and I could see this photo used in a color challenge ! Yes, I have to say I give big hints of what I want or buy and say this is from you to my husband ……he still like to buy me his own things …..We are so bad 🙂

  12. I’m in love with the stocking too! It is just fantastic! (Love your sweater pile as well… is also MY favorite color!) ha ha

  13. I’m also one of those people who find things for myself when I’m out shopping for Christmas. I have been known to buy two items: one for me and one for someone on my list. Sometimes I feel guilty but still buy it. Your stocking is so darn cute! I just finished 8 snowmen and struggled with it a little bit. Buying good felt is very important along with a glue that works well with felt. I’m going to try the stocking next along with the mitten. Like how your sewing looked so perfect. Going to try the back stitch and blanket stitch on my next project.

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