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Memory Box Christmas Look Book…


I can finally share with you what I spent so much time on this Summer!  YAY!!!!  Click on the photo below to go to the book.



lookbook holiday (1)



I hope it inspires your Christmas card making and I love it when you email me with the cards you’re making!  If you see something you need… lol… here’s the link to Starlitstudio.  Cindy has the best customer service and the fastest  shipping around!  😀

Thanks for looking!!!!

27 thoughts on “Memory Box Christmas Look Book…

  1. WOW … amazing collection of cards Pam. Beautiful designs that are all so creative and unique. Great job on your Christmas book Pam. xx

  2. Whoa!! Oh my goodness! What a fantastic book of ideas! I wondered where all your Memory Box cards were, and here they are in a book. Now to decide which ideas to borrow. 🙂

  3. I am totally blown away right how!!! You’re creativity is superb – thank you so much for sharing your Look Book. I can’t wait to use some of your ideas as inspiration on my last few holiday cards!

  4. Okay, so this is a first. I am Totally. Speechless. Totally! Are all of these cards in this book yours? I’m going back now to look some more…. absolutely amazing, my friend!!!

  5. oh wow! pam, you have outdone yourself! these are all fabulous! i think merry christmas darling is my christmas card for this year…..but then i saw the “black and gold”!! and silver bells….and the giving wreath! lol! a question about the giving wreath card….did you diecut and inlay or diecut a lay straight on the card? i like to inlay but all those tiny white pieces to place back is daunting unless you have a trick?

  6. Picking my jaw up from the floor ,oh my gosh ! What beautiful cards and photos,Pam! How did you ever find time for anything else! Going to get a cup of tea and have another look!

  7. Those are all very, very nice!!! I loved them all … Such a good surprise 🙂 Didn’t know you were making the book …. glad you did!

  8. Oh my goodness!!!! These are so beautiful! Can’t believe all the time this must have taken. I have got to get ordering!!!!

  9. Oh My Goodness Girl…I’ll take one of each please. =) Where do you begin to critique all these gorgeous cards. There not enough room to or time. Now I know why you have been so busy. Gorgeous, fabulous, adorable, beautiful, striking, stunning, over-the-top cards! Well done my Friend.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  10. Pam, Your book is FABULOUS!!!!! Love all the cards you made. Don’t have a favorite but am amazed at all of them. Your talent is unbelievable, and I can imagine how long it took you to make all those cards. Great inspiration, too! I feel like the camera didn’t catch the beauty of some of your cards like the white ones. Now I’m going back for a second and third look.Memory Box is so lucky to have you as a designer!

  11. Just got a look at the book and was blown over. I’m with Sandy Haliburton with her choices for favorite. Memory Box such never, never let you go. You are the best. Congrats Pam

  12. Just looked at your book a third time and was so impressed with the DETAILS you put into all those lovely cards. I think the Black and Gold is my favorite but really love Good Night Darling. Love the bird cage on the front of the book and all the poinsettias are really cool, too. Anyway, your look books are ALWAYS so clever and inspiring. Again all that hard work paid off as the responses are in love with all the cards. Thanks for all your hard work!

  13. Love these Pam…who makes the Basketweave die…? I just got that mother and child die I asked you about a year ago….found it for 20% off…so had to have it. And the Winter church woodlands…die.


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  14. So impressed by all of these amazing cards. Stunning style book! And your photos are all drop dead gorgeous too – not only the quality but all the sweet props. Congratulations!

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