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Wednesday Stamper – how do you do a transfer?

Golden Matte Gel Medium Transfer

Wednesday Stamper this week is asking, how do you like to do transfers? I have tried a few ways with Golden brand, matte gel medium and pretty happy w/the results each time. Since I had company this past weekend, I am posting an ATC I have made. This is a version of the transfer technique in the book, Artist Trading Card Workshop.   

I use an Epson inkjet printer w/DuraBrite ink and Epson Bright white inkjet 24# computer paper.   I only had good luck w/transferring from this weight of paper…
I tried my Epson heavyweight premium matte paper that is a 44# weight and the image would NOT transfer.
I use Golden Matte Gel Medium…for this ATC I painted the gel onto a piece of watercolor paper,  it’s not a real heavy piece, not sure if they weight matters for the watercolor paper.
Then placed the printed image on top of the gelled watercolor paper, image down and brayered over it for some seconds…kinda lifted to see if it was working…. half of the transfers worked and the other half I threw away!
Then you pull the printed image paper off the top very carefully,  slowly….and throw that away….

The image that transferred is going to have a lot of paper fibers on top of it…so VERY CAREFULLY, SOFTLY,  GENTLY  rub the fibers off w/your fingers….if it dries on you…you can try spritzing from very far back…barely misting to moisten it again…if you spritz too much,  you’ll remove too much and have a mess.  Be prepared to try and try again and more than likely you will fill up your trash can BUT,  you will get some really nice transfers too! Every one will be different! Thanks for coming by my blog and looking!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Stamper – how do you do a transfer?

  1. I still do not understand the whole transfer idea!!! guess that is one technique you need to teach me!! it is beautiful though, and the teeny flower on the bottom is the perfect final touch!!! I love!!!!!

  2. I really like this one, Pam. I am very intrigued with transfers, but I haven’t taken enough time to figure them out. Seems like I am always reading about yet another transfer method. I’ll have to take the plunge. (I did one transfer on packing tape that came out ok, but then I didn’t have anything to put it on – and it seemed too shiny.


  3. Beautiful artwork! I have had no success with transfers and do not exactly know why. I only do the ones with packing tape…not very exciting though. Ever think of a tutorial?…hint..=)

  4. I appreciate your tutorial. I must not have scrolled down enough when here before to see it. Maybe my HP printer and Staples paper are to blame. Anyway, thanks to your post, I’ll be trying it again…A big thank you! I forgot to say I love your library art! Reading is a great love of mine and your 2/4 is a delight. I love the red too.

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