Wednesday Stamper

Wednesday Stamper – 2×4

Reading can take you there....

Reading can take you there....

  Wednesday Stamper  challenge this week is to make something 2×4 inches.

It is a fun size, not too big, not too small.  Remember to use at least one rubber stamp.  Click the link above to go to the site and see the challenge and all the other entries. I used SIX stamps on this little 2×4….very fun to do something different!  Then I get it done and think,  why in the world did I use such a bold red?!  Every once in awhile I do that!  A soft color might have been really nice…oh well!

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Stamper – 2×4

  1. I feel like I ought to get a life each time I am the FIRST to comment!!! but I can not delay!!! this is awesome!!!!!! hummmmm 2 x4 ??? that DOES sound like a fun size. !!!!!! and it makes me want to dig out my stamps to see if I could so something even close to this good!!!!
    The bold red??? perfect!! makes it really stand out!! There is not one thing that I do not LOVE about this newest creation of yours!!!!

  2. Hey, I have that stamp!! I’ve never used it, though. I think your red looks great. A softer color might have gotten lost with everything you have going on. I think it really adds pop to your design and helps give your eye a focal point. (Just my late night analysis!!!) Looks great.


  3. I think the red goes beautifully – great contrast! Strangely enough, after scanning, I took my entry away and stamped a postage cancellation (Paris of course, lol) on it! Great 2×4.

  4. This is so lovely! Six stamps — that’s pretty hard to top! I love the red dress; like others said, it really makes her pop off the card. I sure hope I can get one of these made before next Wednesday. I’ve never done anything is the 2×4 size, but it looks like a fun size to try.

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