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Lane ropin’ 7

Grandson number 2 had his 7th birthday April 1st…yep, he’s a handsome redhead!

Lane ropin' 7
Lane ropin' 7

Click to Enlarge,  click on the picture again and it gets even larger!

The grandchildren and I have so much fun creating with the Cricut Paper Doll cartridge, that I had to make one for Lane for his birthday card.  I added lots of little details…chalked and inked everything, crumpled the card-stock for the band on his hat…stamped teeny paisley on the scarf…

headI wanted his chaps to look like leather so I used a Magenta crackle stamp on them….pantsThen to make the rope look a little like twine/rope,  I took my xacto knife and scratched it up….ropin7a very fun cowboy to make….I’ve always loved paper piecing!!!  Hope he makes you smile too!

5 thoughts on “Lane ropin’ 7

  1. I can not even find the word to adequately describe how WONDERFUL this is!!!!! paper piecing at its finest!!! I love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!! ropin’ in that big #7 !!!! way beyond adorable, and this 7 year old can certainly appreciate the work Grandma put into this card!!! 🙂 …..and the shade of red hair??? right ON!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on making this really cool card. Lots of details and love put into it. Congrats too, you are being featured on “fastest growing blogs”. Thanks for sharing your fabulous works with us. Cheers!

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