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Two Simon Says Stamp cards and SALE!!!

Happy Holiday weekend to you!

As many of you know, I’m an affiliate for Simon Says Stamp,, Blick Art,  Bluemoon Scrapbooking and Hallmark Scrapbook and link up to the products I use when I can to these stores. (links in the sidebar too)  Being an affiliate means I make a small percentage on your order, at no expense to you, when you click from a link on my blog.

I’m also a big fan of and love to support Cindy’s store!  Great prices, fast service and top notch customer service. So I link to her store a lot!

Today I’m using Simon Says Stamp own line of stamps and dies on these two cards. They are on SALE right now 15% off!  Yes that is exciting!  It doesn’t happen very often. lol

OK – I need to make a couple decisions and wouldn’t you know because I feel like you’re my fellow cardmakers and friends I need help!

The linking system that I’ve used for the last few years is changing especially for me and the other gals that use  It isn’t going to work anymore because wordpress doesn’t allow ‘script’ which is the code the new LinkDeli uses.  So, that means I need to move my blog to and become to use it, which means a yearly domain fee and a monthly fee to have a blog…then they add on a fee of security…it really adds up fast.  Then there is the new monthly fee to use LinkDeli.  LinkDeli is amazing!  Much faster then Inlinkz and I would love to be able to use it because it’s such a time saver.  I was able to beta test it even though it didn’t work when I put it on my blog. ugh. sigh.

So, I need to make money here on this ‘ole blog to pay for all this.

I’m just wondering how you all feel about affiliates and shopping through links on blogs?  I spend a lot of time linking up to stores when writing blog posts, after spending the time to make the cards and take the photos.  It’s a big deal, but I know I appreciate seeing what other ppl use and I think you do too!  I don’t want to be a martyr about it but until you’ve done it, you don’t realize what a time sucker it is.

I know there are a lot of us out there trying to make a little to pay for blogging.  Kinda crazy. hehe

Any thoughts you can leave me here as a comment or email me, would be most helpful.

For this fun little bear card I used SSS Birch Tree Window die, Stitched Rectangles die, Sending die, Sending and Wishing stamp set and the bear from Abby’s Spring Showers stamp set.

I colored him with Copic Sketch markers.  I love these Stitched Rectangles…SSS was the first to come out with the stitching on both sides of the cut!  Clever…now several other companies are doing it too.


As part of SSS affiliate program, when they have a new release, they usually send me one thing to use from that release.  This time they sent the new Heart Sprinkle Trail die… very fun… I have some ideas to use it for the holidays too. 😀

I embossed it in my white panel with the Big Shot and tan embossing mat.  (I have videos about embossing under the video tab under my blog title)  Then I die cut it in red card-stock and glued the red pieces onto the embossed panel… gives it a really nice dimension.  It really didn’t take much time either… I just put little dots of glue on top of each place on the embossed panel and used the pick up tool to place the little pieces on the dots of glue.  Nothing new, I’ve done it before.

I stamped the sentiment from the SSS Roses For You stamp set with the MISTI stamping tool.  Someone is asking on a FB group if it is a worthwhile investment… YES!!!  lol

I do love Washi tape…hehe…as you can tell!  I used 3 different ones and then tied on some twine…love all that white space!

ok – here’s the SALE info! ALL Simon Brand products are 15% off!
Use the code SSSFLASH

I hope you have some time to shop, when you’re not outside enjoying this beautiful Summer weather!  There are some awesome new dies and stamps under the SSS brand. Anyway, it’s been unusually nice here for a week! I hope it stays! haha

Holler at me if you have any questions and I do appreciate your friendship and that you follow my blog!  I do!!!  😀





36 thoughts on “Two Simon Says Stamp cards and SALE!!!

  1. Happy 4th of July weekend and Happy Birthday Canada Day!!! =)
    Love your cards and since I’m such an animal fanatic, I LOVE that Bear most. As a matter of fact, I have this set. Even tho’ I enjoy fussy cutting, I wish SSS had the dies for it!
    Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the Blog catastrophe…as I’m an Independent Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, I can only blog about SU products. So, I haven’t looked into a lot of the blogging aspects or affiliates. I have gone thru your blog to place a couple order at SSS. I didn’t know about tho’. I don’t have a problem with going thru you to get to a store to order.
    Have a great weekend Pam!!!

    1. Thank you Lynn! You know, I thought the same thing about the dies for this set… we are getting spoiled Lynn! lol Thank you for ordering through my links! I surely do appreciate it. I’m so happy for you, that you’ve been so successful with Stampin’ Up. So awesome! I hope you had a great holiday. It was so hot and muggy here, we pretty much stayed inside until it cooled off enough to go for a bike ride. Not real eventful here! 😀


  2. Hi there!
    I like it when bloggers provide links. It makes it so easy to shop for the items used on the cards. I always try to use yours! 🙂
    That seems like a racket the way they nickel and dime ya, but I love seeing your cards and what creative ideas you come up with. Keep us posted on how it all goes!
    AND, beautiful cards, as always! 🙂
    Have a great 4th!!

    1. Hi Lou! Thank you so much for your input! This helps so much and is a great encouragement! I’m still hoping to get an email someday that you’ve started blogging. hehe… hey, maybe you’d just want to do Instagram?! I loved seeing your beautiful cards IRL! 😀 I’ll keep you posted and hopefully I can decide one way or the other soon! Thanks again! ‘preciate it so much!


  3. Oh wow! I didn’t know that about WordPress. I haven’t been blogging all that long and I do always try to link the products that I use on a card when possible. I have always just used the “link” tool. I don’t get anything when I link a product. I do sometimes shop from the links if it is something that I really want. I’m not sure what to tell you Pam. I do know that when you switch to wordpress,org you do have a little more control over your “site”. I do know that there are more costs associated with it, as well as more responsibility with regards to things posted on your “site”. You will also have to make sure that your site is being backed up. I looked into all of this when I changed my blog from blogspot. Wow, I’m not sure what I would do. Sorry I’m not much help with that. 🙂

    1. Hi Nancee! Did you pay for the upgrade at then? I noticed you have a domain name… I’d been thinking of doing that upgrade because of the ad thing but then I found out that it didn’t help with affiliate links so back to square one. I need to decide something soon and it’s helped so much to hear from you and the other gals. I appreciate it so much! Thank you again and again! 😀


    2. Hi Pam!.

      I’m not sure if I replied to you or not! Been a busy week. I did not pay anything extra. I got an email from WordPress that just said they were changing my blog and that it would no longer include “wordpress” and would just be I haven’t had much time lately to explore a little more about WordPress, but have saved a lot of the emails they have sent me on doing things to read later. I have a whole file folder filled! LOL! 🙂 Nancee

  4. Hi Pam
    Gorgeous cards as always!
    On the blogger front, have you thought about having a member site where we can pay a membership fee? I would be more than happy to do this – we are all hugely spoilt by your wonderful creations and how you share so generously with us BUT there is the real world out there that you have to face and we need to appreciate this. I pay a nominal $2.50 a month to be a member of another site. This is a small fee to pay for the return I get in ideas and inspiration. We need to be mindful of the cost to wonderful people like yourself, both of your time AND MONEY, to provide us with continual information, inspiration, ideas and techniques. We should not continue expecting it for free!! It is hard work and how many of us would take a job with no pay?!!
    Compare a nominal membership monthly fee to a cup of coffee? And I sometimes pay more than that just to park my car while I shop!!
    I will always use a link from a blog if I want to purchase a product that has featured in a project. I think it’s important that the suppliers know who is increasing their sales!
    Take care, Pam and thank you!

    1. Hi Annie! So fun to get your comment and no, I’ve never thought about this! Would you be able to send me the site? Thank you so much for commenting, being supportive and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it!

  5. don’t know anything about the blog sites except how to find you! but i do buy from cindy, so if you get a little piece of the pie if i go through your link, i will do that. does that mean using a link in your posting or even just by clicking on her link on the right side of your blog page?

    1. Thank you Sandy! Cindy doesn’t have affiliates but she makes sure I have what I need when I need it and that is worth so much! All the other links in my posts and sidebar are usually affiliate links except for Starlitstudio aka Cindy 😀 and Printworks. Thanks so much for your support and for commenting! It’s so encouraging and I appreciate it so much!


  6. First, your cards ALWAYS make me smile! These are adorable. The bear is cute as can be, and I’m quite smitten with that trail of hearts! Great job as always, my friend. Next, I know absolutely nothing about WordPress, as I’ve just stayed with Blogger. Last, I do use your links when there is something that I see on your blog that I like! I used to do some affiliate work, and it is SO time consuming for the pennies that you get paid. Kudos to you for working so hard for these folks. I love shopping at Starlit Studios! What a friendly, fun place to shop! If she ever needs a DT, I will be first in line raising my hand! Keep on inspiring us, my friend!

  7. I have an extremely neglected website on WordPress, which I did through .org but pay $18 a year for .com address. I have the limited control site but I don’t have to host it or maintain it, and that works for me. I also don’t post affiliate links, so I haven’t run into your issue. My hubby & I have another WordPress site that is a true .com and while we’re not using affiliate links yet, we had intended to so this concerns me. But I’ve been so happy with WordPress I’m about to use it again for a third site for my teenage son’s rock band. As far as using your links, I may have used your links to click over to the store but most likely I’ve only added the product to an ever growing wish list. The craft budget is limited and always comes after the never ending list of necessities have been paid. So I typically wait for a sale or when I’ve been gifted a gift card to make a purchase. I don’t think you end up getting credit by that point because I go straight to the store and pull up my wish list. 😦 Sorry!

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m sure your shopping method matches a lot of other card-makers for the same reasons. There’s so much new every day! I know I put stuff in carts around the internet too! hehe Affiliate links put cookies on your computer but it seems like they only last so long and if in the meantime you click from another affiliate link on another blog/ changes the tracking to them. It’s pretty amazing really. Way over my head whoever came up with it. It’s so fun to have all the inspiration from blogs though…so much more than 10 years ago or even 5 years ago! Makes me want everything! lol Always fun to hear from another card-maker/blogger. All the best to you in you adding another blog! I agree though, has been great, it’s hard to move away from it!


  8. I love to see links on individual blogs. It certainly helps me find products I am interested in purchasing. Also, I am happy to help cardmakers make a little money from the companies, especially since it costs me nothing. I do appreciate that you so generously share your creations with all of us.

  9. Hi Pam-love your creations today…your little bear card is so sweet. I am not too techie but I do know that I love it when there are links are there to click through…spoiled as it drives me crazy to see a cool stamp or product and not have a link to it.

  10. They both are just adorable, love the little bear in the first and the neat way you used the washi tape in the second!
    I did not realize that people made money by others using links from their blog. I never did when on the design team for Dies R us we were just told to link to the store. I do know how time consuming that can be, one of the reasons I quit 🙂 You know how I work is if I see something on someone’s blog I like I write it down, after awhile I look at my list and if I still like it after some time I make the decision to either first look for it in my Local stamp stores ( I have two that I regular) or I get it on line, so I go directly to the stores to get it, I don’t know that I have ever shopped from a link before, shows you how much I know about all this and I have been doing it for over 10 years now, so sorry I am not much help in this department but just wonder how many more out there are like me…. I am not a big impulse shopper I am afraid, I really think things through, LOL!
    Have a wonderful 4th!

    1. Thank you Connie! Dies R Us probably gave you a discount to their store though? How awesome that you have two local stores you can shop at! ok – when you do need to shop online, come back to my blog and click if it’s one of these stores! lol I appreciate the support for sure! I’m thinking there are both kind of shoppers? or all kinds of shoppers! lol I know it helps when I see a sale though! hehe You have a wonderful holiday too and thank you so much for sharing here! I appreciate it!


  11. Very cute card Pam…because of you I am a big Starlit shopper and told Cindy that you sent me from the get go…she is lovely as you have said…I shop a lot through your links.

  12. Hi, Pam! First of all, I love your cute cards, as I love every. single. thing. you make. Now, about those affiliate links… it sounds like an incredibly lot of work and expense for a little bit of compensation, considering the changes you’ll have to make. I mean, if you don’t mind being glued to the computer when you could be having fun stamping… On the other hand, I love the links or at least a mention of the product used so I can search it, myself. As a courtesy, I link to current stamp sets and I’m not even compensated now that I’ve retired from all design teams. Any product I don’t link to, I at least name in my recipe as it may be no longer available where I bought it but can be found somewhere else with a Google search. Question: If I click on your link but buy something at the store other than the product you linked to, are you compensated? I’ve done that several times. I don’t want you to stop blogging! Ack! That would be horrible! If only you could do without LinkDeli it would save you a lot of expenses. Blogging shouldn’t cost you anything. I do pay yearly for a domain, but blogging for me is fun, so I go along. Hardly notice that yearly expense.

    1. Thank you Leslie! I do like working on the computer and I’m like this too… I need/want to know what someone used on their creation! So many times I find myself asking in comments. So that’s why I take the time too. I appreciate that you tell ‘all’! lol Yes to your question about clicking but purchasing a different product…the click puts a ‘cookie’ on your computer that tracks the order to my link. I can’t see who orders but in my affiliate account I can see the order amount and what store it is from. I’m not going to stop card making or blogging! I just need some income to keep buying! 😀 I appreciate you sharing so much Leslie! Thanks again!


  13. Oh goodness! These are both just as cute as can be! That little bear is so adorable and I love that die cut background! And the CAS one with the hearts is perfection! Good luck with the linking decision! I’m sorry I’m no help 😀

  14. Both gorgeous cards Pam, I did not realize how many companies you design for but I am not surprised as your work is so beautiful! Enjoy the holiday.

    1. Thank you Donna! I don’t design for these companies in particular but I’m an affiliate for SSS,, Blick Art, HMS and BMsbing. When I link to them because I used a product they sell and someone ordered through that link, I get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you as a thank you basically for recommending their store. You have a wonderful holiday too! It’s really feeling like Summer in IA today! eek…muggy! I’m staying inside! lol


  15. I know you’ve cost me a pretty penny a lot of times Pam, lol, because many times after I see what you’ve made, I want the stamp/die that you used too! I do like that you provide the links to the products you used cause it helps to know. But there were times when I didn’t buy it right away so now that I’m aware, I’ll be sure to come back to your blog and have you link me to the store. Love your cards and your use of washi. Great layouts!

    1. Thank you Shirley! We all are enablers that’s for sure! This is very helpful to read. I know, it’s hard to finish an order for me too… I usually have to think! It’s the last click that gets tracked or else you have to delete the cookies for the store to delete the other blogs you’ve clicked from. Crazy but nice to have the opportunity to earn too. Just know I appreciate it because I don’t have any way of knowing who orders unless you tell me. 😀 Thanks again and so glad you commented!


  16. Congratulations on being one of the winners on Foiled Fox and Heather Telford’s Simply Irresistible challenge! What a wonderful honor!

  17. Your cards are always amazing, Pam. If you can make any money along the way I say go for it.
    Cute bear stamp. He reminds me of a sofa. He’ll have to be a sofa bear – lol!!!

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