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Peerless Watercolor Palette…


Do you have the Peerless Watercolor Sheets for watercoloring? I purchased some years ago when they were all the rage but never used them! I know…crazy! Now that they are popular again, I started using them. I had to figure out some way to use them so they weren’t just scattered all over the place but yet I didn’t want something 8.5 x 11 size or larger taking up so much space on my desk either.

So I came up with this…


Pam Sparks Peerless Palette Cover


I know, it’s ugly! lol  Now I’m thinking I should’ve taken the time to cut some watercolor paper and painted it to cover the chipboard!  Especially since it bends when I flip through it! lol


Here’s what I did…take the 9 pocket ATC/playing card size protector sheet and cut it into three strips.




Just showing two of the strips in this photo because I had to use one in my palette.  I used 5 full sheets, cut in strips, plus one more strip.  There are a few empty pockets but that’s ok, I put a piece of 2.5 x 3.5  cardstock in those and if I need to mix some colors, I can mix on top of that pocket.




I cut strips of watercolor paper, 2.5 x .5, painted with the color that’s in that pocket and taped it to the top of the pocket with ATG tape.




Then I cut the Peerless WC sheet with the name of the color on the back, the size of the pocket and slipped it in the pocket for later. Some of the colors you can see the name between the watercolor sample and the paint piece.  The remaining piece, that you will use to paint with, I taped with ATG tape again, on all four sides, to the front,outside of the pocket.




The Peerless colors are fabulous!  So pretty… I love them!




Time to get out the old Bind it All!  I punched each of the strips.  It works the best to put a piece of paper in with the sheet protector when you’re punching. (the holes look kinda rough but it works fine anyway) I had my pockets all full before I punched too… helps to have the strips stabilized.

Then after punching, cut the covers out of chipboard, a little larger than the size of the strip, punch and bind with 3/4 inch owires!   It was somewhat time consuming but it will be SO much easier to use these paints now and save time in the long run.

Birch Press Design is carrying Peerless (a division of Memory Box) and Simon Says Stamp has them too!


Simon Says Stamp has a sale going on too! 



Thanks for stopping by!  I have two cards to post so I’ll be baaack!  I just thought this should be a separate post. Happy Saturday and coloring to you!

10 thoughts on “Peerless Watercolor Palette…

  1. Wow Pam – I never hear of such a thing. Went to Birch Press and check it out – pretty neat. Now your moving ads are saving me some money cause it goes so fast I can’t keep up!!!!
    Sandy xx

  2. Great idea Pam. I too bought these along time ago and I did use them a lot. Easy to take along with you anywhere. This would make it much easier to find the color you want.

  3. Great idea. Think mine are still in Baggie in my shoe keeper on back of door. I remember when
    we tried these at your store. Nice colors. Great idea…

  4. Pam – I am just seeing this. A great idea. I love my Peerless watercolors too. – in part because they are so portable. This is a great way to keep them all together. I have a bind it all but have to admit that I have NEVER used it. I played with one at Erin’s house years ago.

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