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Ima Butterfly…

So…I tried the no outline coloring… I love it but… when I took the pictures this a.m. her face looked awful in the photos!  ugh! boo! whine!  So,  I tried to blend it more…well,  we all know what happens then… ugh!  So the photo above is the second photo session because of that evil E11! lol  It is not my friend in photos anyway.  I thought the coloring was fine until I took the pictures!   I used V20, 22, 25, 28 for her dress and boots. E30, 31, 34, 37 for her hair. YG0000, 00, 01, 03 for her wings and a clear Spica glitter pen.

The pattern paper is Basic Grey Sugar Rush 6×6 pad. Dies and punches and of course the Perfect Layers Rulers!

Here’s the first photo I took this a.m. before I tried blending and removing color on her face.  I think in trying to get the shading I just used too much ink!

I’m not throwing the card away because IRL,  it’s cute and I really like it! Figures I can’t get a photo that does it justice!  Oh well,  click over to the ATS Blog and see the fab cards by the some of the other ATS gals.  Tons of new stuff in the store @ All That too… Scroll down to see my post about the coupon code for the NEW Magnolia Princes and Princesses collection and magazine!

Have a great day!  Not sure I should try anything else new this week! hohoho  I do need to do some more creating so who knows what will happen! lol

Thanks for stopping by and here’s the stamps and such that I used today…

40 thoughts on “Ima Butterfly…

  1. I totally understand Pam.. You did a lovely card but a lot of times when you touch up it does not look so good. I have done what you have done and I get so made at myself. Maybe try this stamp her out and just color her face again and cut it out and cover this one. I’m sure you will do a stunning job on the new one. Everything else is just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Pat! I do like her IRL, it’s just in the photos that I think the face coloring looks funny… I did think about doing it over, but since I didn’t cut her out this time, I would’ve had to pull too much apart… and fortunately I wouldn’t let myself! lol

  2. Well, stop your whining and ‘ugh’ing. If you must w(h)ine, get some great cheese to go with it!!! If you hadn’t TOLD us that you didn’t like the way it turned out, we would never have noticed. By the way, I think it’s beautiful just like it is!!! I’d love to color on my best days as well as you color on your ‘bad’ days! I do love it – will have to try that technique! Hugs, dear friend – have a good day!

    1. Really?! oh thanks Patti! hehe I know… I don’t like to read whining either! Sorry about that! There is a website that has a great tutorial if you want the link… I forgot to put it in my post, but then they might not want to be connected to my blog today either! snicker…

  3. Personally, I prefer outlines! I can’t understand why there is so much hype about “no outlines”. Your work is ALWAYS wonderful. When you are already perfect…….don’t mess with it! LOL Go back to outlines. (Just my opinion spouting off. LOL)

    1. Thanks for making me laugh out loud Nancy! It’s fun trying something new…challenging…
      Thank You…I’m sure I’ll be outline coloring 99.9% of the time! Fun to hear from you!

  4. Wow Pam! I think you are being WAY to hard on yourself! Your coloring as usual is impeccable! I love the colors you chose. I agree I really prefer the outlines and I am thinking you probably do too! Maybe that is what you really aren’t happy with? The card is gorgeous! I love viewing your work! You always amaze me!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Hi Lisa – just hard on my photography skills…ugh… I really do like the card… just disappointed I couldn’t capture it, ‘ya know?! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. She turned out just fine Pam! I used that technique before and the face was just awful!! A beautiful design all round – perfect papers with her!

    1. It’s just so funny that it looked so different in the photo then in my hand! I’ll have to try again though…never, never, never give up! hohoho Thanks Mary!

  6. Hi Pam! Very cute and I am also loving the wings on the card below! 🙂 Hope u r fine…we are enjoying some out of the ordinary gorgeous weather here- how bout you? hugs, Jane

  7. I think you still did a beautiful job with your creativity..Very adorable..Your coloring is awesome all of the time.


    1. Thanks Lesa! I think she’s a doll too IRL! lol I think that’s why I was hesitant to tear it up and do it over…what would the photos look like then?!!! eeek! lol

  8. Very creative and colored beautifully. (Before and after!!!) The image looks so happy to be enjoying the outside!! Fun card! You did a marvelous job!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  9. I’m with you. I would NOT throw this card away either! It’s definitely a “keeper” any way you look at it. I love the way you matched the paper to her dress & your coloring is beautiful as always.

  10. I know you are a perfectionist but your card is great. I would have never have noticed her face if you hadn’t said anything. i think she looks awesome. So, blame it on the camera but not the photographer !!!!!

  11. Hi Pam! I think your card is beautiful! Great job with your “no lines” coloring – love it! Also love the pretty punched flowers and lovely sentiment! Beautiful as always! 😉 hugs, Angela

  12. Hi Pam, you do have a beautiful card there today, don’t be so hard on yourself. I have done the same thing , thinking it’s just not right and ended up making more of a mess! I love my Copic’s but sometimes with the skin tones they seem to play up a bit. Anyway great job with the no lines image and Ima Butterfly is adorable. tfs. Have a great day.
    Hugs Cheryl

  13. That evil E11 sometimes gets me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
    Your card is GORGEOUS,Pam! I think your no-lines coloring is totally stunning and the papers are yummy.
    Love the sentiment! Great job, as always!

  14. Well I think it’s awesome as always. Self critisim I know about, but totally unwaranted here woman.

  15. It is totally gorgeous, and I totally love your no line colouring:-)!!! Your colours and papers are fantastic! Would you like my address so that I can see it IRL too LOL??? Really beautiful, Pam! Hugs Delphine xx

  16. Don’t worry Pam we all know its the camera I have had the same problem too!!!! Your card is so stunning!!!! Love the wonderful sentiment!!!!! Wow absolutely splendid work!!!!

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