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on the Eleventh Day of Christmas…a snowmen card

Tab says…my true love sent to me eleven pipers piping. Well, I have set my pipers to leading you to some amazingly low prices then piping you out of the store with EVEN LOWER prices than that! For the 11th day of Christmas, I am offering you an additional 20% of already up to 70% off prices on EVERYTHING in the Clearance section of the store!!! There are over 120 items currently in the clearance section, many just added in the last few days!

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Save 20% on everything in CLEARANCE!!!


Check back tomorrow for Day 12’s special deal!!!

Here is one of my favorites in 7Kids clearance.  I made this for my grandchildren last year. I LOVE it!   and this and this and Emma (you can see what I did with her here – love her!) and this awesome set from Tim HoltzI could go on and on but I’ll shut up and let you get to shopping! oh,  I have this skater girl but not colored yet..oh,  isn’t she the greatest,  I love her!

oh no!  looked again…how cute is this guy,  this guy and this caroler!  Can’t you just see them colored up with copics!  CUTE!

I love hearing from you! Thank YOU!

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