My copic marker holder…

Look what I found at a few weeks ago…it’s the perfect copic marker display and it holds up to 288 markers!  Love it!
Since I don’t have a post for today,  yet… I thought you might like to see this wonder! I like it because it doesn’t take up much space and the markers are in order!!! oooh, love that!
I have it turned vertically on my desk, I can keep my “jig” handy and my memento black ink pad right there in the bottom of it!

It really is made to be horizontal,  so the second picture I turned it so you could see it that way too.  I suppose the slot at the side is for a retailer to keep color brochures about the product.

I love it…what do you think? it’s a great price too!!! gotta love that!

6 thoughts on “My copic marker holder…

  1. i like it! 🙂 it looks like you can see your colors and #’s easily! without picking up the marker to look at every one until you find the one you want – that would drive me bananas!

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