My You Tube Videos…

Hi everyone!  I just got home from a great weekend at the Great Yosemite Stamp Escape, teaching for Memory Box.  I’ll have lots to share soon!

I received an email from a stamper that my videos weren’t working!!!  NOT what I wanted to hear for sure!  Sure enough I checked, then searched for a reason and sent feedback.  I can’t find anywhere to contact You Tube.

The only reason I can see that it happened is because I deleted a gmail email address that I don’t use anymore.  Not the one that I use for You Tube though!

grrrrr…. have any of you had this happen?  Do you know of any fixes?

thank you!  I’ll be back soon!


7 thoughts on “My You Tube Videos…

  1. Bummer Pam! Try typing your issue into a google search and see what comes up. Try asking how to fix your problem and you should get some search results. That’s about the only thing I can think of and, by doing this, I have fixed a lot of my puter problems. Worth a try! Good Luck!

  2. Hi Pam,

    When you deleted your gmail address, did you also delete the Google + Profile data? It may have been connected “behind the scene” to your You Tube account. I read someplace that if you start it with one account and then change it, your previous Google+ Profile might still be connected to it. When you delete the old gmail address and Google+ Profile, it deletes the YouTube channel because it attached to the original Google+ Profile. (I hope this make sense to you.) Here is a video of something you might try…..

    The comments were that it doesn’t get back your comments or subscribers, but does get your videos back most of the time.

    Worth a try…

    Hope your vacation was good! I thought I was missing some posts from you and now I know why!


  3. Pam I tried to see your videos on u tube and it said that you had closed your account. I thought that was strange.

  4. Sure have missed you!!! Can’t wait for your creativeness to hit the blog again 🙂 So… I going to be attending a wedding in September at a gorgeous resort???? Tell me all about it! Hugs…

  5. I was just going to email you, was worried about you since you’ve been so quiet. Glad to hear you were out having a great time but sorry to hear about your troubles with You Tube. Hope you can get that resolved– need to see your coloring videos as I’m coloring! Hugs!

  6. I’ve really missed projects from you. Have been checking daily and only projects posted up until Apr 7. Hope I haven’t missed anything else!!!

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