I agree…


This was posted on FB, I needed to be reminded…pass it on!


Another friend shared this…

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Matthew 5:4


 and from the famous Christmas Carol… I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said;
“For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

11 thoughts on “I agree…

  1. I think one of the saddest things I’ve heard over the past two days were the words of the teacher who hid her students in a room with the door barricaded with a bookcase. She told them she loved them, but then she said to the interviewer that she didn’t know if that was okay to say that, being a teacher and all, but she wanted that to be the last thing they heard before being killed. Where are we as a country when we’re not sure if it’s okay to tell children we love them? Her words broke my heart. Perhaps that shooter wouldn’t have done what he did had he been regularly told and shown that he was loved.

    We have an opportunity to insist our leaders stop pitting one against another….starting at the top. I cannot think of one truly good thing that results from pitting us against each other.

  2. The frist thing that we will hear is why would a loving God let this happen? Our God is loving He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins. SIN and satan are behind this sad day. Guns are not the problem, guns don’t kill it is the person who uses them. My heart is broken for the families of these little ones. Lets all pray daily for the families, the teacher’s families and yes the brother of the killer who has lost his Mom.

  3. I too was heartbroken to hear the teacher express her feelings that she didn’t know if it was “ok” to tell the kids she loved them. What is the matter with the world? If we all spent more time loving each other & TELLING people we loved them, there wouldn’t be all of this violence in society. When did it become more important to be politically correct than to be decent & good? Keep the prayers coming for everyone.

  4. Dear Pam…God Bless..sooo heartbreaking…Time for all to quiy pushing God out of our lives… hugs and Merry Christmas … give those grand kids a squeeze for me…

  5. I was shocked and saddened, at the teachers second guessing herself for saying that. Sherri Dean, you said it all when you wrote this
    “What is the matter with the world? If we all spent more time loving each other & TELLING people we loved them, there wouldn’t be all of this violence in society.”
    Prayers to all

  6. Pam, we sang this carol in Church this morning. As we sang I noticed so many eyes had tears. My heart is still heavy for all those suffering and I wonder how many more sat in their Churches this morning with tears. Wonderful words, Pam. joann sassy raggedy

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