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Curly Q Flower making video…

I used the Curly Q die to create the flowers in this Flower Pot Bouquet card HERE!  I used the super cute Grass border, Flower border and Fence dies too, HERE… I used them on this card and this card….

Sorry about the quality of this video… I changed the setting on my camera for the last few videos so they would load faster to You Tube…not realizing that smaller meant compromising the quality! boo!  I will be changing back to HD for future videos!

Hope it gives you an idea of how fun this die is… I also used it in some creative ways in this post.   LOVE it!

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll get to work on some new stuff!  yea!

18 thoughts on “Curly Q Flower making video…

  1. Okay – I hope you are saving all these how to videos – really and honestly I need them. I just got through clicking on your first “here” and ordering this die and a few others I had been wanting. Thank you Pam – you are such a good friend to me — I never tire of your kindness……….
    your secret shopper

  2. I loved the card when I first saw it but thought it looked a little itimidating…..thank you for taking the time to break it down…..I love those flowers! Have a great day…..Maryanne

  3. Thanks Pam for another great informing video!! Those flowers are really cute!!! I find that as your roll the flower try to stager the petals even if it means cutting the beginning before rolling just so the petals don’t lay one on top of the one another or if they are stagered and start to line up again trim, glue and stagger. Trust me I’ve got alot of experience rolling flowers with a quilling tool. I loved the way you added the extra leaves!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  4. Thanks Pam! I purchased the die right after I saw your card and, thanks to you, I know what to do with it now!! Love those flowers.

  5. So that’s how you made those lovely flowers – thank you for sharing your work with us Pam. That card is now on my ‘to do list’, or maybe I mean ‘to TRY list’, I am not very accomplished when it comes to card making but I love your design.

  6. Another great Pam tutorial !!! Now I need to order the curly Q die and some others. You are SUCH an enabler !!

  7. Hi Pam! I am such a visual person, so I am lovin’ your video’s! These are so fun!
    To anwer your question…The sesame street cards are made with colored cardstock.

  8. Pam:
    Great video…don’t know how you have time to do all the great ideas you. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Pam – I simply love this card and plan to send one similar to my mom. I have to agree rolling the flowers is a bit tricky. I think it’s because the loops are evenly spaced so when rolled they lay on top of one another. I did try using the suggestion “CathyLynn” made – stagger the petals even if it means cutting the beginning before rolling. Once I cut the little beginning bottom loop and started the roll right at the very first loop the petals layered much better. THANKS

  10. great Hope! They are fiddly for sure… I liked having that little end on there for gluing and I didn’t have any luck with the staggering… but I’ll have to try again! In the end I liked that it wasn’t even and more off kilter-ish but I think that’s because normally I’m the line up everything perfectly kind of person! ugh! Thanks for sharing how it worked for you! I figured it’d be different for everyone! lol

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