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Coloring with Promarkers and Flexmarkers…

Today I’m coloring with Promarker and Flexmarkers colors. I’ve colored five skin tones and a variety of colors to hopefully give you an idea of how the colors look and work together.  I haven’t colored with these markers very long…I’m still learning for sure! I like them and enjoyed learning to use the chisel tip for covering larger areas and getting in tight places! 

Here’s cute Umbrella Lula showin’ her colors!


 forgot to add, I used Dusky Rose on her cheeks!

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 Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Coloring!

23 thoughts on “Coloring with Promarkers and Flexmarkers…

  1. Thanks for sharing this Pam as I’ve read many overseas blogs that tend to like promarkers for many colors as opposed to copics. These ladies especially mention that their preference for the softer yellows & reds of promarkers. Any opinions yet?

  2. I can just sit and stare at your coloring. It is always just perfect! I have a mixture of Prismacolor markers & copics. I’ve seen the Promarkers, but haven’t really heard many comments on them. I may have to give them another look.

  3. Hi Pam, I THOUGHT I left a comment early this morning but I don’t see it on here. Must have flown out in lala land or I just hit the wrong button. I’m so happy to see this wonderful look at the Flex & Pro markers. I only have the Copics but was thinking of getting a few pro or Flex markers for the softer pastel look as I’ve heard this is better achieved with these markers. I’m still trying to find the comment you left telling us the difference but can’t seem to find it. I’ll keep looking & thanks again for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us.

  4. Hi Pam!
    Great job using the Promarkers. I use them too and I always have problems finding what colors belnd together well. You have done an excellent job. I love the effect of the blue pearl and the orchid together. Must try that one. Hmmmm…I can see I will need to get a few more flexmarkers. Thanks Pam
    Hugs Maz

  5. Hi Pam, Thank for taking the time to show us the differnet color combo that look nice together!! I started buying some of the Promakers at a local art supply store. I’ve gotten some of the pinks and purples. This is so helpful!!

  6. Thank you sooo much for giving those colour lists on your fabulous images all look stunning xxxxx

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