How did your day start?

Guess it was tired and wanted to lay down!

so much for finishing the tree today! hahahahahahahaha   I didn’t even hear it go over!   I’m really not laughing out loud!  At least I’d only put some ornies on the stupid thing!  This is our first time to ever have a Balsam Fir…we’ve always purchased Frasers.  We were late getting to the tree lot and they were out.  This crazy tree is drinking water like crazy… it must think it’s still alive!  oh well… I think I better stamp!  See that pile of rubber on the couch???  January release!  cool! lol

19 thoughts on “How did your day start?

  1. I would almost guess you have a cat! I have come home in years past to find the tree that way (fake tree, even!) because of her adventures. So far not this year – maybe she has finally grown up! :-)Traci

  2. This might be a good time to put the top on…I am short so I always like to think ahead! LOL You kind of know it’s going to be one of those days! Just enjoy all the fun rubber you have waiting for you. Hope your day gets better!

  3. I think your tree was trying to make a break for it! Or maybe it just wanted to check out all that new rubber and thought you were cruel for teasing us…. erm, I mean it 😉 Thank goodness you didn’t have many ornaments on it, hopefully nothing was broken.

  4. Funny to hear your “stupid tree” remark. I didn’t feel like putting up a tree this year so went to Costco to buy their large poinsettias. They were all out so I said, shoots, now I gotta buy a darn tree. My DH looks at me and laughs–won’t repeat what he said to me, lol. I’m happy you didn’t have that many ornies on it! Today will be better…. Hugs

  5. Oh my goodness I would just be sick. We heat our home with wood so I have to have a fake tree. The dry air is too hard on real trees. I did buy a small real tree that I can plant when Christmas is ovcr. Well I guess I will have to wait till spring. Today is December 15 so winter is not officially here but if you look out our windows and see all the snow it sure looks like it has arrived! Have fun with your new stamps.

  6. OMGoodness please forgive me for a tiny giggle. Well I can top you for crummy start to the day. I went through McDonalds for a Diet Coke this morning. They didn’t put the lid on properly, so guess who got a nice surprise on their way to work. LOL ’tis the season!!!

  7. Are you SURE it was water you were pouring in the tree holder. Sounds like it got SPIKED with something & made him a little “tipsy” hehehe … Glad you didn’t have everything else on it but like Patty said now WOULD be a great time to put the star on top … I feel kind of sad that we didn’t even put a tree this year as I’ve been gone working so much. I should have just left the cornstalks up from my fall decorations outside & hung lights on them … Maybe next year.
    Hugs, Janie

  8. So, What’s wrong in taking a nap early in the day !!! I can relate with your tree. Some mornings it is just better to go back to bed.

  9. I feel for you. Ours fell down one year. We were sure the cat did and we’d find him under it but he wasn’t to blame. He wasn’t even in the house when it happened. We lost some ornaments and from then on when we had a real tree we used fishing line to anchor it to the baseboard!

  10. I’m so sorry but I laughed till I cried when I saw this. It wasn’t so much seeing it as hearing your commentary. The “stupid tree” is just something I would say out of frustration and the fact that it still thinks it’s alive had me howling. Very funny. Unfortunately, at your expense. But thanks so much for the great belly laugh at this stressful time of the year. P.s your blog is my absolute favorite source of inspiration. Mwah xxx

  11. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAM I’M SORRY ((TEARING)) OMG this is the silliest thing i have seen lately lol!!! YOU CRACK ME UP GIRL LOL!!! I miss your blog so i had to stop by 🙂 I was scrolling down to catch up on your creations then i saw it baaahaaaaaa!!! You are tooooo funny,”STUPID TREE”!!!!! You certainly made my day.((wiping tears))THANK YOU LOL!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA(((MUAH)))RubyM:)

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