It’s a “tag” time of year…

I LOVE these tags so much and I’m thinking a lot of you haven’t clicked on my “tags”  tab and looked at them,  so I’m going to post them again!  Just ignore if you’ve already looked…  I hope to make more but in the meantime…I’ll share once again a nostalgic look for Christmas tags.

36 thoughts on “It’s a “tag” time of year…

  1. How in the world did I miss these? And where are the deets? Where did you find all the goodies for creating these beauties? I love every single one of them!!! Thank you for bringing them to my attention – hugs!!!

  2. These tags are so beautiful. Love the vintage look. Think I would rather frame these after so much work, than give them so someone who might put them in the trash after opening their gift!!


  3. These tags are fabulous works of art! They are so unique and individual and I imagine they must have taken a lot of time to do. Fabulous though!

  4. Did you mean…tag your it….and these are mine. They are adoreable, I love the vintage look and all the details. Where did you find all this wonderful thinks….you really have done a lovely job!

  5. Oh yeah, I did missed it. Thanks for reposting.

    Golly gee, Pam, these are gorgeous. Love the nostalgic images and vintage look. And all the tags are fabulously 3-D!!! Love all the embelishments you’ve add on each one.


    When was the last time you play Scrabble? I haven’t for a loooong time. These make me want to play…LOL.

  6. These are just darling Pam I love them all
    Bad luck with your Drunken tree !! I’d like to say poor you but with all that rubber on the sofa I think I’ll stick with lucky you !!
    Merry Christmas
    Hugs Susie xx

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