Tutorial: adding a subscribe box to your blog…

I wrote this up for a gal last night and then the thought crossed my mind that others would want it also….I love being able to subscribe to blogs via email and feedburner makes it easy!

Here’s how to add the subscribe via email box to your blog!

  • go to http://feedburner.google.com
  • you probably already have an account,  so log in
  • if you don’t have an account,  set one up
  • then go to”my account” – top right corner..will look like this…

  • click on “Google Feed Burner” it’s straight across from MY ACCOUNT
  • the page that comes up is going to show the name of your blog under “feed title” – click on your  blog name
  • the page that opens shows tabs…photo below…analyze/optomize/publicize etc.

  • click on the publicize tab
  • on the page that comes up,  in the menu on the left choose/click “EMAIL Subscriptions”
  • the instructions and codes are right there for your type of blog and for the kind of subscribe box you would like to show on your blog
  • NOTICE the other options in the menu on the left under this same “publicize” tab… delivery option is really nice.  After you complete your post each time you update your blog,  come here and choose the time you want your email to be delivered to your subscribers.  I bookmark the delivery option page and keep it in my bookmark tool bar,  makes it fast and easy to get to.
*****If you are a WordPress.com user like I am,  there is a new widget you can add to your sidebar in your widget options!!!  It is awesome!  Add it to your blog and anyone can subscribe,  no matter what blog creator they use.  Your post updates go immediately to their email inbox…love it! Anyone leaving you a comment can subscribe by checking the box below their comment,  subscribing to your blog via email also*****  COOL!
Have fun and enjoy more subscribers when you use these methods!

10 thoughts on “Tutorial: adding a subscribe box to your blog…

  1. Thank you! I only look at blogs that I can subscribe to because I don’t remember to look at them otherwise!

  2. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial I managed with your help to subscribe your a doll
    Thank you so Much , May it rain Magnolia stamps down on you darling !!! lol
    Love Susie xx

  3. Thanks so much. Since I am just learning, I need all of the help that I can get. You are just so kind.

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