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Deep Embossing on die cuts…

Just sharing a little something that I feel really enhances the look of diecuts on your cards or other paper creations.   If you have six minutes to watch a quick video,  I think you’ll like what I have to share… if you have thoughts to add or ideas… be sure to leave a comment!  We’ll all benefit! The screw punch I’m using is the Aitoh brand and both of the links below are that brand. Scroll on down for the butterfly card and links to the die. Thanks for stopping by!

Tools I used…

30 thoughts on “Deep Embossing on die cuts…

  1. Great idea the way you embossed it in the die. One tip, maybe your screw punch would work better if you ran a needle thru the tip and got some of the paper out of it. I have one and that’s what I do and it works great. Thanks for the embossing idea. Edna

    1. Thanks Edna! I do keep my tips cleaned out… another use for that paper piercer! It was tricky keeping the screw punch up straight working around the camera but that is important…normally what was happening there doesn’t happen! boo! lol

  2. Hi Pam, I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for the great idea! I’ve often wondered how I could give those die punches some depth. Now I know! Can I ask if you use a special weight of cardstock in your dies, or is that designer paper? Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Patti! I think both of them were SU card-stock… I would use 80# though…. with white back card or pattern paper card weight… you have to be really careful not to puncture it… so use a stylist with a larger ball starting out and gradually/carefully get smaller.

  3. Pam,
    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have never seen or heard of the Japanese Punch. Love it. So easy and you can punch anywhwere on your page, compared to the hand held punches. Gotta go look for one now.!!
    Thank you again.

  4. great video Pam… I love videos I can hear and understand speaker!!
    I don’t think I have that toh (tool on hand)… Will just have to drive the
    28 miles to your house to try it before I buy it!!!

  5. What a geat idea. I have a few dies that would look great with this technique, so thanks for the video Pam. . “Now Y didn’t I think of that”? LOL
    Have a wonderful night

  6. Great Video Pam! I learned something new watching this. I can’t wait to try the embossing with the stylist after alittle mist. I always just used the embossing mat with my BIg Shot but your method looks so much nicer. I’m also another crafter who never saw or heard of the Japanese Punch. Very Interesting!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  7. Hi Pam, Thank you for the greqat video. I will have to try this technique on some of my dies.Thank you also for the link for the Perfect Layers Rulers. I have a set that I bought I don’t know how many years ago on QVC and I have been looking for them to get for a friend!!

  8. Pam, Thanks for the great idea. Enjoyed your video. That one thing I keep for getting is to spray the paper with water. I do like the idea of being able to add what you can to make the die a little more fancy.
    Hugs, Pat

  9. Thank you for sharing your excellent tip with us. I usually use a stylus to emboss in dies because I find they often shift if I run them through the machine again BUT I’d not thought to dampen the card stock, that sounds like a real bonus when it comes to deep clear embossing.

    MWAH, MWAH for that!

  10. Hi, Love the way those came out. Can you tell me who makes those dies??? Where to get them.
    thank you

  11. Hello Pam,

    Just ran the lace frame through the cuttlebug as per your directions – tried your technique with the embossing tool and WOW! What a difference – Thank you for the video and your instructions.

    Looking forward to seeing your newest creations! Thanks again, Janet Dodge

  12. Hey wonder worker – how in the world did you ever come up with this idea!!! It is super – darn I want one of those hole punchers — you know me. But this tool will have to waits as the perfect tares will have to wait. I love your video and your card — great work Pam!!!!!

  13. Pam – great tutorial … I’ll have to try the deeper embossing technique. You are so clever!! I love the Japanese screw punch and will have to add to my wish list!

  14. Both dies are beautiful, and I just love this deep embossing tip. thank you so much for sharing. I will try that thechnique, for sure. As far as those japanese punches they are cool! I had never seen such tiny little holes. Great…… gosh… my wallet is screaming now!!!!! thank you for the neat video, so nicely explained. Love it. Hugs.

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