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Smash Books…

Have you heard about them?  So cool! I wonder if it would help with the pile on the kitchen counter?!!! I can also see sketch ideas for stamping and scrapbooking in there too and a place to keep track of any kind of inspiration trigger!  lol  Two Peas has them in stock now, HERE!  Here’s a two minute You Tube showing how FUN they are!  My daughters are crazy about them,  (ordered last night)  so I thought I’d share with you too.  I LOVE the pen! lol  I know what they’d be good for!!!  recipes!  oh and every once in awhile there is a Baby Blues or Dennis the Menace comic that I just HAVE to keep! : )

❤❤❤ The Code for free shipping in May, with a $50 purchase is: PEEFVS ❤❤❤

11 thoughts on “Smash Books…

  1. What a gorgeous mess that was!! Thanks Pam for sharing a vidoe of them.HOW MANY ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO!!?

  2. Why are you doing this to me — what a great idea!! Of course I had to order – so much is already sold out -we are taking one of granddaughters on a graduation trip this summer and this will make a wonderful scrapbook for her to take along. Okay – I think I can explain this one to my husband – hyperventilate – hyperventilate!!!!! For what it is worth – I just clicked your here thingy and away I went!

  3. You did it again – what a wonderful idea!!!!!! We are taking one of our granddaughters on a special graduation trip this summer and this will make an excellent take a long scrapbook for her. A lot has already been sold out but I will go back!!! You make my husband so happy Pam! And yes,m I just clicked on your HERE thingy and away I spent.

  4. This is soooo neat….I keep a notebook next to me when I’m on the computor to keep track of sites I like and stamps and things that I order. And make lists of new products to look at later and order……….this is so neat for gifts for the girls also. Thanks for the information..
    Have a super smashing !! day..

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