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FYI – Sizes of new Doohickey’s Dies

My order came in the mail yesterday!  YEA!  I had to cut them right away and thought maybe you’d like to see what the dies look like “real” life size!  So click on the borders to get the full size…they are SEVEN inches long!!! love that extra for “adusting”!

Rose Leaf Doohickey’s Die…. this is so pretty IRL and the veins are so subtle but life-like… it will match up perfectly with the doily flowers and other flower dies… love it!

Romantic Tag…love the wonky hearts and the hole reinforcement… just charming!

Romantic Lace border… be sure to click on the photo to see it “real” live size… love it!

The scallop border is from the zig zag and scallop border set…the wonky hearts are the waste from cutting the Romantic Lace border and tag… aren’t they adorable!!!  I ❤ wonky hearts!!! lol Click to see full size.

Zig Zag border from the zig zag and scallop border set… I love mini!  this is going to be great for layering! love it!  Click to see full size.

Antique Lace border …so sweet!  so charming!  love it!  Click to see it the full 7 inch long size

Thanks for stopping by!  I love hearing from you.  G-kids are coming over in 30 min. – looking forward to our time together today!  ttul!



23 thoughts on “FYI – Sizes of new Doohickey’s Dies

  1. Thanks for showing us the dies IRL. It makes a difference when you are thinking of buying to see them cut !!! Have a great time with the grandkids. Don’t get to tired that you can’t stamp later !!! LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics Pam….I got the rose leaf and the other leaf/flowers yesterday. Hmmmm…I think I might need the antique lace border now!!!
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Carole 😀

  3. Thanks so much for showing us what all the new dies look like when they are cut!!
    Really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Aren’t they all wonderful. Hope to get some money saved to purchase – fingers crossed.
    Enjoy your grandchildren – nothing better than spending time with them :o)
    Hugs, Candy

  4. Why do you do this to us Pam? I am trying to save money an there you go wanting me to spend, spend… oh my I am going to have to go be a Wal-mart greeter pretty soon… only one who MAY take me… LOL Thank you for going through that trouble, but do love the rose leaves and the new tag and romantic lace border..
    Hugs, Jean

  5. Gee! These are beautiful. Love that they are longer. Well, guess I just have to go and look them up..
    Have a great week.


  6. Hi Pam, how’s my favorite enabler ??? You might MAKE us buy a little more often by sharing these wonderful things IRL but I always do it with a smile on my face … LOVE the rose leaf the most so I’m sure I’ll be adding at least that one to my list … I’ve been meaning to comment on your last cards as they are gorgeous as always. I’ve been gone a lot working or on my little mini vacation … Just wanted you to know I had popped by to check you out.
    Hugs, Janie

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