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Unmounted stamp storage

Earlier this year I started using the 9 pocket ATC (baseball card) sheet protectors in a D-ring binder for all the little clear stamp sets I have.  I LOVE how well you can see what you have!  Well,  yesterday,  I got to thinking maybe my Magnolia unmounted rubber stamps would work in the 9 pocket sheets also…sure enough!  IT’S AWESOME!  Here’s a picture of how the Spring club kit ’09 fits all in one 9 pocket sheet protector!  I then had to put all the rest of my Magnolias in the sheets too!  Only one didn’t fit…the girl in the leaves from last Fall.  I made her fit though!!!  I cut, starting at the right side and around the top of her head and down the right side.  So I have two pieces that fit right back together on the tack n’ peel acrylic block to stamp the image.  Hope that makes sense.  SUPER!  I’m so excited! Doesn’t take much to please me I guess! lol


4 thoughts on “Unmounted stamp storage

  1. Thanks so much for sharing what a Magnolia Kit includes. It seems like a great deal. Have you continued to order kits?

    Have a blessed day and happy stamping!


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